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Getting Started Online with Family Wealth Lab

My aim with this blog is to do my best to figuratively take you by the hand and help you get to a destination where you are in a position to to start generating a consistent income online.
Your situation is unique to anyone else.
Digital Marketing, contrary to what you may have been told in the past (or assumptions you may already have) is not a one stop shop, do A, then B, then C and voila! You are an internet sensation. I wish it was that simple and easy.
The reality is that there are multiple ways to achieve the same result online and I will do my best to guide you down the appropriate route so you are doing something that you enjoy and love, so it feels like an enjoyable hobby, rather than an arduous task and ultimately doing yet another job that you will start to hate.
Flow is of the utmost importance!

Are You New To Online Marketing?

This is a brand new blog, so I will be starting from the beginning and moving progressively forward. So if you are a complete Newbie/ Beginner to the Online/ Digital marketing world, then you are definitely in the right place.
Making money online can be broken down into the following four categories, from there it is possible for you to establish a business model that you feel most comfortable with, or at the very least decide to try out and see how you feel about it.

The C.A.S.H System

The best ways to run a business/ make money online are as follows:

  1. Sell/ Run Digital Courses
  2. Choose to operate as an Affiliate and sell others peoples content for a commission
  3. Provide a valuable/ done for you Services to make others' lives easier in their business
  4. You may want to directly Help others say through coaching or consulting on a one to one or one to many basis.

So the if you are completely new or feeling confused and overwhelmed about how to get started online is to start thinking about what you feel most comfortable with based on your background and experiences, your passion and or mission and ultimately how you would feel most comfortable and happy being a hero to the people to whom you are called to serve (more on this later).
Let's not forget that fact that you probably have a very hectic personal life, balancing being a parent with a young family and working a job that you love to hate right now (but we have to be grateful with what we have, right?) – what's going to fit into your limited time and financial schedule also?
I share a few ideas in this blog post which will give you much further incite into the importance of selecting a business model to start with. I also highly recommend this awesome training on making money online and what is important to consider when you are just starting out. Click here
The next step is to formulate a plan of action and get some goals into place

Goal Setting 101

It's important to set goals and ‘state your intention' for your business. No matter how big or small your goal may be, it's vital you formulate some kind of plan of what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it in your business.
Have you decided on a Business Model (How you will attempt to make money using online marketing) or different internet marketing strategies available?
Do you have some type of online presence for you to get your message out to the world – regarding the service you offer and how you will serve your market?
Do you have any products or services to sell?
Are basic mechanisms in place such as how will you take payments? how will you host your product/ service?
Who will you be marketing to? How will you be doing the marketing..Social media, live videos, blogging??
Do you know your demographic and who your ideal client/ customer will be?
If you feel stuck or not to sure where to start, then check out this free training guide that will help you get some clarity around how to get started with making money using an online business.

Mindset is 80% of Business Success

A strong mindset is everything in business.
Not trying to sound all doom and gloom, but entrepreneurship is a real learning curve iof this is something that is completely new to you. Total responsibility is required as the proverbial buck ‘ starts and stops' with you first.
In the words of Jen Cincero

You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable

As a Newbie Online Marketer, just getting started online, one of the most common mistakes I see and hear time and time again is that it's easy and have no clear plan of action.
This attitude then leaves opportunity for ‘Shiny Object Syndrome – where confusion and overwhelm has set in and all that is done to over-compensate this feeling of inadequacy is to continually buy information products looking for that ONE answer that will solve all problems. Hundreds if not thousand's off Pounds/ Dollars wasted.
Have you experienced anything like this… Shiny Object Syndrome?
I highly recommend you check out the FREE training on dealing with mindset and success in business from an Internet Marketing perspective. Check it out here

Online Marketing Foundations

No matter what your specialism or niche is, if you are an online marketer there are basic skills that we all have to learn and continually develop (or even outsource even) to run a fruitful and consistent business with the potential to scale up in the future.
It doesn't matter what business model you adopt, if you are using the internet to market your skills and services to a specific set of people that you define as your ideal market, then it is imperative to understand each stage of the customer journey and the skills required to move or customers/ clients from one part of the journey to the next.
I am sure you have heard of funnels!
There are different components required to get a funnel to work well.

  • List building
  • Email marketing
  • Copy writing
  • Content Marketing

There's also the techie side of things that you may have to do yourself or if time/ budget allows to outsource those tasks.
First you have to decide what tech stack you will use to make your online business life easy for you. Then you will need a daily method of operation to follow through certain tasks regularly.
What marketing strategies will you implement? Remember I said that are numerous ways to achieve the same goal in this business.
Some entrepreneurs love social media and are happy to utilise tools such as:

  • Instagram
  • facebook
  • twitter
  • linkedin
  • YouTube

The key, as I am sure you are well aware is to build Know Like and Trust (KLT) with your future customers. Cultivate engagement and solve their problems. You have to find your ideal client based on where they are most likely to hang out and then get them into your world so you can talk and interact with your guests more often without the uncomfortable intrusion.
The key element with marketing is your time and attention. You can either collapse timeframes and use the power of leverage i.e. paid marketing methods or referal/ viral marketing methods. Or you can use the equally expensive slow and steady route using a strategy known as organic search marketing.
Most marketers use a hybrid model and incorporate both strategies.
Either way, being able to direct traffic towards your business and convert that attention into meaningful leads and ultimately sales, is a deliberately, strategic event which requires a developed set of skills.
Typically marketers who are earning consistently and exceeding have spent time honing their marketing skills.
I intend to go through all of the above and much more.
Yes, I will be producing, valuable, highly actionable content but I am also in the process of building an online Learning hub or academy. It will cover two streams of leaning, the techi side of online marketing and the pragmatic/ philosophical side of digital marketing so you understand the ‘what', the ‘why' and the ‘how' as part of your skill development. So watch this space.
To get you started with your skill development, I have included some valuable training (Free Resources) below:

  1. Digital Product Creation10 Powerful lessons on why you NEED your own digital products and how to produce them.
  2. Traffic Generation10 Powerful lessons on the secrets to getting tonnes of traffic to your business
  3. The Power of Email MarketingThe secret to a fruitful online business that every online marketer must have РEmail Marketing and list building in 10 lessons

The Secrets To Consistent Online Income

Finally, I want to address one of my favorite topics in Online Marketing and that's Membership sites. Creating digital products is definitely great, but your customers pay you once unless you sell them another product to solve a different problem.
The beauty of memberships is that your customers are so eager to learn what you know,m to siphon your expertise, they will pay you every month or every year to get your knowledge in their heads.
I love building membership sites and there's plenty to learn just within this classification of Digital Marketing. It's an advanced topic, but highly important for any online business to utilise, regardless of the business model. (whether you deliver a service or provide coaching or create products, membership sites have a place in your business)

There's plenty to learn…

I just hope I can deliver the content fast enough for you to absorb.
The best way to utilize this site no matter what stage you are in your online journey of entrepreneurship, is to focus on the topics that has resonated with you most on this page. You will see various links highlighted for free, in-depth training to these topics and put you in the direction to start developing your skills.

There are three crucial steps you need to essentially grasp to be successful in your online business. I explain all three in detail here so jump on this training asap.

Let's connect

Running your own business as a solopreneur can be very lonely, and it's important to connect with other like minded entrepreneurs.
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Whether you are just getting started online or are a seasoned digital marketer looking to hone your skills even further in a particular area, I am sure there's something we can learn from each other.

To your success!Richard Ansah - Getting started online - Dominate Online Solutions
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