How to build an audience using facebook live
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How To Build An Audience Using facebook Live | 10 ways

How To Build An Audience Using Facebook Live

Live video is all the rave at the moment and rightly so!

Building an audience is a vital skill required to be successful in any business albeit an online business.

I would consider audience building as a pillar or foundational skill for any online or digital marketer and being able to utilise tools that makes marketing life easier is totally worth it imo (in my opinion), especially in this modern day and age of internet marketing.

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a new feature on Facebook that allows an individual to have the camera on the device that they are on shown live for people to see.

Obviously, you can control what group of people are able to see this live stream.

Many people use it to just have a chat with all of their friends on Facebook or to show something that is happening at the current time that may capture a few people's attention.

Certain people have taken full advantage of this feature, however, and have used and continue to use Facebook Live to promote themselves and grow an audience.

Some people use it to showcase their skills, such as singing or sports related content.Build an Audience

Other people use it to showcase comedic things, such as a Hare and a Tortoise actually having a race, just stuff like that. It is exciting that people have learnt to utilise this certain feature of Facebook so that we can all be entertained while on Facebook in a totally different way.

The Importance of Building an Audience

So when it comes to marketing prowess and making life easier or in the strictest sense maximising leverage for as little cost as possible, then you can't go wrong with live video.

Need low cost or free tools that are powerful and put you back in the game? Need to maximise online reach at your fingertips (Phone/ desktop/ phablet)???, you want to be utilising the Facebook live platform to support your audience building efforts.

Can anyone Grow their Facebook Live Audience?

Yes! That is the great thing about this feature, you don’t need anything to excel at using this just effort and consistency.

Of course having certain things makes it a whole lot easier, such as already having a large audience or having equipment that is useful when it comes to videoing things.

however, do not despise the days of small beginnings and use of the mobile phone camera. Every great marketing guru, grew their audience with very small and humble beginnings.

We all have to start somewhere.

Why Use Facebook Live to Build an Audience?

What I have noticed when doing a live broadcast…. unlike any other ‘free' tool on Facebook, they let the whole world and their dog know that you are going live – obviously those in your reach and circle. This could be significant!

I haven't even mentioned the benefits of have a dedicated page or group within the Facebook platform and going live – super important!

However, no matter how big or small your friends list is, facebook will let them all know that you are adding value/ going live in someway… how awesome is that for starters!

The benefit of this ‘free promotion' from a conglomerate giant like facebook has colossal benefits and one of the KEY messages I am trying to ‘get out to the world' is that it is time to jump on board if you have not done so already.

There are just over 2.5 M (Million) active monthly Facebook users at the time of writing this article (September 2020). It is one of the most popular social networking website in the world.

Long gone are the days where Myspace and Bebo were relevant (Exactly… no one can remember 5 to 10 years ago – that's digital ancient history).

There are many different features that make Facebook such an amazing site, the main one being that it is extremely user-friendly, meaning that literally, anyone can use it (As long as they are over 13!).

Below are several tips to help you build a Facebook Live audience.How To Build An Audience Online

10 Ways To Build An Audience Using Facebook Live

1. Be Consistent

This is perhaps the most important aspect of Facebook Live.

Try to create a schedule that you follow week in and week out. Having a schedule that others can see helps you out a lot simply it shows that you are a regular.

If you are a regular and someone happens to see what you are doing and enjoys watching it, they will see they you do this consistently and they may, in fact, become a regular member of the audience. If you have a schedule you have to commit to following it.

Unless you have a very good reason, it's a bad idea to not follow this schedule.

This shows that you aren’t as professional as you are portraying yourself to be which can be detrimental to the entire building of your audience. Your guests and prospects may not have any idea what you are doing, but you do! Ever heard the phrase…

How you do anything is how you do everything!

I'll let that sink in for a while 🙂

It's important to be consistently online if you objective is to build an audience, do this and you will give yourself the best opportunity to shine and grow. It's about building trust subconsciously. If you can show up with zero, one or 5 people on your lives, you will show up with hundreds of people eager to hear what you have to say, to literally stop what their doing to catch your words as they are spoken… this is what you want… people to be able to trust you.

It also helps to be consistent with your planning and what you are doing.

Say you are putting on a show or streaming a game or something like that, no one really wants to watch the same content every single time.

Try your best to offer something new and fresh every time you live stream.

Obviously, there are bound to be moments where it is inevitable that you’ll repeat content, but just try and make sure there is as little as possible. Repeated content gets stake really quick.

I didn't say it would be easy, but you can do this.

2. Be Genuine

The great thing about a live stream is that it gives you the opportunity to interact with people. In my opinion, this is much more valuable than any pre-made video could be.

Being able to interact with the audience just gives you more chances to impress them, which gives you more opportunities to turn them into regular viewers. A live stream lacks the polish of an edited video.

Perhaps this is a negative thing but it is also a good thing.

The rawness of a live stream gives the audience a chance to see you in a genuine way.

Obviously, it gives you a higher chance to mess things up, as long as you don’t do anything super weird and you aren’t boring and interact with your crowd, you are bound to capture a few regulars every single time you stream. People love genuine people. So… be genuine 🙂


It is no secret, live streams can extremely scary -especially if it's the first time.

You give people the opportunity to see you without all the fake theatrics that a video offers you.

This is why the first few times you live stream on Facebook you’ll likely be really nervous and won’t be as comfortable with the crowd as you could be, however, try your best – imagine you are speaking to a mate or a colleague.

This is natural, simply because it is something that is a new feeling, just like skydiving and climbing high things.

If you don’t do something consistently you are going to feel fear.

As long as you keep on focusing on the long term and trying to improve every chance that you get, it will gradually get easier and easier, and you’ll become more comfortable with the crowd, which in turn gives you the opportunity to put on a better show for the audience.

I can’t stress enough how important practice is, even when it comes to things such as this. Practising getting better at live streaming also helps you in other aspects of life as well. The confidence you’ll gain from getting better and better at doing this is exponential.

4.Plan Every Live Stream

It is sad how often people fail to plan. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

It is so much to live stream when you have a plan and an idea of what you want to accomplish from the stream.

Of course, there can be some circumstances where you may be able to just completely wing it, but you’d either have to be extremely comfortable with your live streaming skills or be intoxicated.

Hopefully, if this does ever happen it's because of the first reason. Planning the stream and what you are going to do just offers a better experience for everyone.

If you are first starting out with streaming, it is essential that you plan.

On the basis that you don’t have any experience with streaming, it's going to really help you and your business to plan upfront and to have a backup plan so you always have an idea of what to do and what to fall back on.

Don’t feel silly or dumb for creating a plan. Good planning and preparation will prepare you to the extent that to your audience, you look completely poised and natural – literally as if you were talking ‘on the fly'!

Professionals make difficult tasks or daunting tasks look really easy, this only comes with consistent and deliberate practice.

5. Invest in Equipment

This isn’t an essential thing to do, but it is always nice to have good equipment to work with. Of course, the majority of people will just use their smartphones or computers to do this, which is perfectly fine, but if you are going to do this seriously, and want a more professional ‘look' while building your audience, you’ll do whatever you can to gain a great advantage.

This is one of those things that will just give you that extra layer of quality to the rest of your live stream. Having a stream that is crystal clear is much more appealing than a stream that has low-quality video and sound.

It may cost a tad more than what you’d like to spend, but if you continue to build this audience of yours and commit to Facebook Live, then the pay off can be amazing.

I highly recommend StreamYard!



6. Advertise

There is nothing wrong with a little bit of advertisement to make sure that your live streams are getting as much exposure as possible.

This is one of those other small things that could make a big difference. You want to get to the point where a high amount of the people that stumble upon you and watch your stream get hooked and want to watch the rest of the things that you create moving forward.

Advertisement helps this a lot, there's a lot of distraction out there as it is and so just a gentle reminder to your warm and cold audience helps to keep you top of mind and grab attention.

There are many different ways that you can advertise. Perhaps make a teaser video that gives the audience a small glimpse of what’s coming up.

Perhaps even just choose a photo that does the same thing as the video. The possibilities are endless.

Good advertisement goes a long way these days. People watch what they want to, make sure you are what they want to watch (good research will help with that).

7. Experiment

Although you may have a specific genre or type of theme you enjoy live streaming, don’t be afraid to try out new things and see what can happen.

For an example, if you like to stream videos of you singing RnB songs and you only ever really sing these type of songs, try singing a song that is completely different, but put your own type of twist on it.

At the worst people will say that they prefer you to just sing what you normally do, and at the best, the majority love it and viola, you are able to comfortably sing this new type of genre, and you can also try out other genres too!

Don’t limit yourself to just one type of thing, this is the secret sauce to becoming bland.

You need to try and change things up every now and again. It’ll also help you with your confidence quite a lot as well, simply because you would’ve done something you’ve never done before, how crazy is that!

8. Analyze

One of the great aspects of Facebook Live is that you can look at the stats after every single live stream this really helps to keep you on track in terms of measuring engagement etc and this will definitely help with your audience building efforts.

You are able to see many different things such as how many views you had when you had the most views and all that type of good stuff. From this type of information, you can actually tell what type of things people liked and what they didn’t.

Say a lot of people leave when you do something, in particular, it shows you that quite a lot of people didn’t like what you did, so you can re-look at what that was and change it or even just try not to do anything like it in future live streams. Reviewing is one of the more important things in life, make sure that you review your live streams as often as you can, you’ll be surprised how much you actually learn.

9. Collaborate

Don’t be afraid to seek out other people who enjoy doing live streams too! This is a great idea because it gives each person exposure to the other person's fan base, and who knows, the two parties may actually feel like they make great content together and decide to work together a lot more in the future.

This can be daunting, but it is a really effective way to get your name out there as a struggling artist who is trying to gain as much exposure as possible. It is important to note that you should be careful who you collaborate with. More often than not you will people that don’t really care what they can do for you, only what you can do for them. Don’t just offer your services to anyone. If you try hard enough, you will be able to find a gem amongst all of the stones.

The great things about Facebook Live streaming is that finding a great person to collaborate with isn’t hard because they all have so much content available to look at, you’ll be able to dig around and find someone you think you’ll work well with. The possibilities are there.

10. Work Hard

At the end of the day, nothing else matters if you don’t dedicate yourself and work hard. So many people these days swear that they are extremely hard workers, but more often than not they are all talk.

Make sure that you aren’t all talk. There are so many opportunities out there, especially from Facebook Live.

People can appreciate a genuine, hard working person as well. So make that something that people see you as.

Someone who works hard and is relentless about what they do.

Trust me, there is no better compliment than someone telling you that you are a very hard worker. It makes you feel really great.

These ten tips can help you create and build an audience online using Facebook Live.

I wrote an article about different ways to make money online. some of the methods require getting in front of an online audience, using this method would be absolutely ideal

It is definitely going to a hard thing to do, but as long as you follow these tips and become relentless, there is no doubt that you will gain many different people who enjoy watching your content and will continue to watch everything that you decide to release.

Work hard, stay humble and make sure that you never ever think about giving up.

Remember, you are here to serve your audience, the best way to that is to show up!

To find out more information about the power of audience building, which is a crucial pillar of any business, check out the report and cheat sheet which is currently available for free. just use the form below and I'll rush it straight to your inbox 🙂 



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