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21 Ways To Make Money Online This Year

21 Ways To Make Money Online This Year (Without Quitting Your Day Job, Doing What Makes You Happy!)

It's important to understand and appreciate that there are many multiple ways to actually generate some form of income online.

I am convinced the reason for overwhelm and frustration exists with a lot of Online Entrepreneurs, especially those trying to get started, is that the concept of an online business model is not fully understood or appreciated.

I want to take the opportunity to explore some of the ways it is possible to make money, especially passive income online, and even a decent living (I'm talking about at least six figures per year – Yes it is possible, just not guaranteed)  using the internet.

And after the interesting events of 2020 and covid-19 – the methods presented can all be done from home and what I consider to be alternative ways to make money online.

Just as a caveat, the level of skill required will vary from opportunity to opportunity and the list has not been ranked into any order of any kind.

Google AdSense/ Niche Websites

The can be a very lucrative way to make money online.
I have always equated in my mind that owning a website is literally digital real estate, just like owning land, you can charge ‘rent' for use of your site or make money like a brick and mortar traditional business, where you can sell products and generate an income.

You can even make an income if you get to choose a really snazzy domain name. Literally, if the site does well, you could sell the site just as you could a traditional business.

21 ways to Make Money Online

The main difference here is that it is totally possible to build a dedicated specific niche website, focused on just one topic/ niche exclusively.

And the beautiful thing about all of this, is that you can build as many niche sites as you like, just like a real world property developer.

So how does it work?

Just like you would on your own piece of physical land, when you have space on the internet you are at liberty to do as you please with your website.

However, we are concerned with making money and therefore there are going to be some few limitations.

You will need to be more specific with the content that you would like to put up on your website. Let us be honest, only good content will yield good returns.

There would be no point of having your digital real estate looking like a junk yard; you will be lucky if you get any visitors and if they visit they are definitely not going to stay long.

When you are developing your website, it would be advisable that you spend some significant amount of time in selecting a platform that would be desirable.

A platform can be described as the format in which your website will be hosted on.

If you are not particularly tech savvy, this would immediately sound like a task that is overly complicated and the thought of millions of lines of code downright off putting.

This was definitely the case a number of years ago when the platforms were a tad bit complicated; the popular platforms were HTML, Flash or CSS.

In order to put up your website you would need to invest a significant amount of time to code your website (a task that in itself required countless hours to master).

However, you can now breathe easy as this process has been significantly simplified thanks to Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress.

Simply put, CMS can be describes as a platform that is user friendly that is used in the development of websites and the management of online content. It gets even better, these CMS are mostly free!

Once you have selected an appropriate platform, you should then proceed to select a domain name that would suit you and a host.

A domain name can be described as a web address like a

Hosting, on the other hand refers to a service that will be able to connect your site to the internet.

Earlier we mentioned that making use of a platform like WordPress (dot O-R-G) will be free, however in order for your site to be hosted it may cost you a small investment of no more than $10 – 100 per month depending on the tools and space you require.

However, there is no need for you to be alarmed by this, it is not an amount that will be capable of breaking your bank; it can actually cost less than you spend on coffee around $3 to $5.

You still have the option of having your site hosted for free but the implication of this is that you website will not have a professional appeal.

For instance, it would be very unattractive to have a website that reads Spending a little extra on the hosting will go a long way into ensuring that your brand has an attractive outlook.

*Tip – Don’t go for free hosting it’s simply not scalable or worth it at all!

After you have come up with an appropriate domain name and you have chosen a host for your site, you only need to tweak and adjust your site a little bit.

You will need to add some templates and the necessary layouts for your website so as to increase its appeal.

Think of this as the interior decoration of the digital real estate that you have built. Once you have done this, you will be ready to launch your website.

Making money online using your website is where the fun begins. Some skills will be required to actually build a basic website – this could be outsourced for low cost or you can do it yourself for free.

There's plenty of training online (YouTube etc) on how to build a blog.

In order to get any revenue then the name of the game, as you can guess, is the you need to attract people to your site, not just anyone, but those who are genuinely interested in the niche that you are referring to on the dedicated site.

And to do this you will be required to promote and market your site extensively.

You can do this on social media, or any other media that will be at your disposal.

Typically,  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to ensure that your content is easily accessible when someone looks online for it –  also known as content marketing.

The whole point of doing all this is to be able to generate adequate traffic to your site so as to be able to sell the products that you have to offer.

(The products, dependent on the niche could be affiliate products specific to the niche or they could be your own)

Remember – the more traffic you are able to generate the more likely that you be able to get the attention of companies and they will come to advertise on your website, which leads me nicely to the 2nd part of this online income method…. Utilizing Google AdSense to bolster your passive income opportunity

AdSense can be said to be one of the most popular ways in which you can get some revenue online.

If you are new to this then it may look like some complicated terminology involving some complicated tasks, however, with this guide it will be very simple. Here is all you need to know:

  • This is an internet service that is owned by Google.
  • It is a free service for all publishers.
  • It is one of the major income earners for Google as a company with revenue of approximately $3.13 billion.
  • The revenue share is split between the publisher and Google on a ratio of 68:32. This means that for every dollar, 68 cent will go to the publisher while 32 cents will go to Google.
  • The variety of advertisers utilize the AdWords program in order to advertise their services and products on the AdSense websites. Payment is only due whenever an individual clicks on the advertisements. This is called pay per click (PPC)
  • It is a very convenient system to use
  • The calculation of the cost per every click is determined through an auction type of system.
  • It is arguably one of the most reliable platforms for advertising online today and it can generate a steady income for publisher in comparison with other PPC systems.

It has been highlighted that this is one of the easiest platforms to use in which you are entitled to receive over 68 per cent of the entire revenue.

Nevertheless, there are a few requirements that you need in order to make any kind of money on AdSense. the great news is that it's not a complex process so should be straight forward for anyone to accomplish.

Just to reiterate what I said earlier, the content on your niche website has to be top notch.

Your Website should be rich in Content

Google AdSense is best suited for a website that is rich in content. You can put all sorts of content within your website such as images, words, and videos so long as they do not contravene the policies of AdSense.

You, should, however, ensure that your content has some text in it so that it can be easy for the web crawler to locate your content.

High Quality

Given that Google has a fiduciary responsibility to their clients given the fact that they part with hefty sums of money so that their products can be advertised, they would not be amused if their content was placed on websites that were of poor quality.

Moreover, it would serve you and your brand better if your website were to have a professional appearance as compared to a messy juvenile web page.

High Traffic

Like we had mentioned earlier, you stand to make very easy money if you make use of AdSense, nevertheless, this is only possible if your website is able to generate a substantial amount of traffic.

The rationale here is that advertisers will pay to place their adverts on websites where people will notice them, with low traffic then that is not possible.

As a benchmark, you need to aim for approximately 400 unique visits per day (this is considered healthy traffic).

Appropriate Keywords

It is vital that your website has the appropriate key words and the same goes for your content if you are to make any money with AdSense.

Appropriate keywords refers to the words that are commonly used by the advertisers when they are promoting their services and products so as to increase the overall number of action words.

Action words are very important as they have the ability to convert a click into a revenue or sale.

I handy tip to know, is that you can use Google AdSense exclusively and not be dependent on affiliate sales at all.

This works well for niche sites that have no products per se but have a huge amount to talk about – Binge worthy content that helps solves problems.

Amazon Associates


ways to make money online, dominate online solutions, richard ansah

Amazon is arguably the largest online market place that you can find today.

Regardless of the fact that there are more affiliate market places in the world today than it would be feasible to count, a significant proportion of bloggers and large conglomerates are in the habit of selling their products on Amazon.

Their Affiliate offers a ridiculously enticing commission range; it can pay you up to 15 per cent of the total sale amount.

However this percentage is often very dependent on the kind of sale that you are making. Either way, this is a very good way for you to make money.

Let us assume that you are a blogger who specializes in tech gadgets such as mobile phones. You can begin by writing a detailed review of the latest laptop or phone then attach it to an Amazon Affiliate link.

At most you will spend approximately 20 minutes of your time in order to fine the most suitable deal, and you can then proceed to make yourself some substantial income promoting this product across your websites and social media.

How to sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program

You will be able to easily sign up to the Amazon Affiliate Program, with only a few things that you will need to consider first such as you desired target market or the geographic location.

The implication of this is that if you desire to target an audience in the United States then you need to sign up for the Amazon U. S. Associate program.

But this does not mean that you are limited to only one geographic region; if you are keen to promote all the Amazon in all the geographical locations then you should go ahead and sign up for the affiliate programs in the different countries such as Japan, Australia, India and so on.

To start generating an online income you will need to make sure you have successfully signed up to the Affiliates program then the next logical step would to be find the necessary banners, links and widgets for your site.

The niche that you will target here will be inherently dependent on the variable that will let you to select a broad range of links.

For example, if you are interested or you have already come up with a blog about tech gadgets (or anything else that suits you), then it would be wise if you were to append a page that is titled “Best Gadgets for You”.

If you are writing about movies or music then it would be likewise prudent for you to have a widget at the bottom with the affiliate to the movie or music.

There are virtually unlimited possibilities when it comes to marketing with Amazon Affiliates; they will only be limited by your specific niche.

It is up to you to add as many links as you would like and monetize your page to your liking.

Rakuten Linkshare

Side hussle online income, ways to make money online, dominate online solitions, richard ansah

When it comes to advertising online Google and Amazon are among the biggest players but this does not mean that they are your only options.

Rakuten Linkshare is an excellent place in which will be able to search for other affiliates for your ads.

This service offers eCommerce businesses with the relevant affiliate marketing services and the company has been critically acclaimed for being the most significant pay for performance affiliate marketing network that is available on the internet today.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most significant businesses given that it is a multi-billion dollar industry and the main source of revenue comes from entrepreneurs such as you.

When it comes to being able to make an online income, Affiliate Marketing is an excellent option.

As a Rakuten Linkshare affiliate you will be able to get significant access to a huge number of advertisers and this will open you up to numerous possibilities to get commissions from the traffic that your website will be able to generate.

If you can compare this with other marketing services, Linkshare will offer you a good range of competitive options in addition to interesting features.

It is interesting to note that this is one of the oldest affiliate programs in the market but it is quite small in comparison to the larger players in the same industry at the moment.

The most significant advantage of this website, especially for a beginner, is that it is quite easy for you to get approval on the condition that your site is good enough.

One of the chief features that you need to be on the lookout for is the BentoBox which is arguably the most ingenious features that you will find on Linkshare.

It will offer you as the user with a vast array of options with reference to the custom apps and it is custom fit so as to increase the overall amount of traffic to you site as well as keep the visitors there for longer which will then increase the total amount commission that you will be able to get.

It further gives the publishers the freedom to create links in an easy fashion and it will direct the customers to a specific product on yours site as the advertiser with just one click.

There the cookies can be tracked and the commissions can still be earned with lightens the publisher’s load.

Another feature that would be of use to you is that it allows the user to make coupons easily from the advertisers thus it will be able to direct more traffic to the sites that are capable of making a decent commission.

One point I must highlight here, which is relevant on many levels, is that you don't have to have your own website in order to advertise affiliate links!

I'll be honest, it will be helpful but it is not essential. Facebook have really stepped up their resistance to posting affiliate links, but there are still ways and means around this. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, at the time of writing this article, doesn't give too much hassle for posting affiliate links.

eBay/ Selling Old Items

online business models, ways to make money online, dominate online solutions, richard ansah

If you have a certain item that you are looking to sell then the first option you should consider is eBay.

It is a top favorite for many although it requires a little time for one to build up a reputation in order to get clients.

Nevertheless here is a how to guide for all beginners.
*Remember – eBay can be a short term fix for simply making money selling stuff you don’t want or a long term business model.

To begin with, almost anybody can make money off eBay.

However, in order to make any money you will need some sort of a plan.

By simply putting up items for sale and forking out fortunes on listing fees would not cut it. It is imperative that you find items that will definitely sell in order to get anywhere.

Also it is important to note that not all items sell on eBay. This has been a challenge for most beginners on eBay in that they list all sorts of items only to find that their stock never moves that fast.

It is important to focus on items that can be shipped easily.

This is unless you have some sort of shipping arrangement that save costs because there is no person that is willing to spend a fortune on shipping fees when ultimately it would have cost less to purchase it from where they are.

Also, an important thing is to look for items that can get good margins. Clothes are particularly cumbersome in terms of getting excellent margins.

Additionally, one needs to be rather thrifty. It makes no sense to spend $40 to sell an item that costs $10. This only makes sense if you are trying to generate attention of the other higher profit margin item.

However, it would make zero sense to focus on items that only make cents unless you will recoup the costs on the shipping costs.

Also buyers have become rather savvy in these affairs and it would also be unethical to charge $12 on an item that will cost you $2 to ship in addition to handling.

Lastly, one should not quit their job so that they can pursue eBay-ing as a beginner.

The sole reason is that it has some bit of a learning curve to it. There are a few tricks that one has to learn in order to fully survive on eBay. Nevertheless, there are many individuals that make their living off eBay alone.

There are a few things that one should avoid on eBay as a beginner. Firstly, one should have good customer service.

Do not delay too long in getting the products out to the customer. Whenever the shipping has been delayed the customer will feel agitated or irritated and this could easily lead to negative reviews or disputes.

In case of any issues communicate with the customers well in advance. Secondly, avoid wasting too much money on listings.

Admittedly, at some point it is hard to get your products noticed and you can be lured into paying for listings. However, this will end up eating into all your profits.

The bottom line with eBay is learning the ropes when selling.

If you intend to make your business an eBay one, be prepared to ride a roller coaster learning curve until you hit the sweet spot selling items you intend to.

Once you have achieved a good selling status, you can move to eBay stores and really start digging into the eBay selling business.

Amazon/ Selling Books

What if you could make money online through things that you love, things you have a passion for, topics that you know a lot about and have command on?

Well, this can be done. Do it by selling eBooks. Combine your skills and expressions to earn extra money online each month.

Firstly, in order to position yourself to start earning, you need to either create ebooks, by writing, publishing and selling the titles yourself or outsource the work by hiring a writer to do the work instead. The second option is probably going to be the best option if you have never written any kind of book before.

An alternative option if it is possible within your niche, is to purchase the rights to resell ebooks that have already been written.Alternative sid ehussle online income, ways to make money online, dominate online solutions, richard ansah

The basic process (if you decide to do everything yourself) is as follows:

  1. Based on your particular niche or sub niche, decide on the titles you want to write about and choose one to start with.
  2. If you are not quite sure if there's a demand or need for your niche, carry out a bit of research using Google and even Amazon itself.
  3. The more competition there is about a book on your subject matter the more in demand or competition there is surrounding that particular subject.
  4. More competition is a good thing because it means there's obviously demand for that subject.
  5.  Once you have decided on a topic that will resonate with your target audience, start writing the ebook, always keeping in mind the people you want to target and the niche your are focused on.
  6. It's important to note that there's no hard and fast rule about the length of your ebook, but you don't want it too short that it's not providing value and too long that it may put people off.
  7. Aim for between 20 and 50 pages as a general rule of thumb.
  8.  Once you have completed the writing, spend a bit of time working out a catchy and attractive title.
  9. Make sure you format and edit you work thoroughly and get a friend, colleague of family member to proof read the finalized work.
  10. If you are only able to proof read yourself make sure you do it manually, print out the work first, do not solely rely on tools such as Google docs, Microsoft Word or any other word processing tool.
  11. (use Grammarly, to help with this if unable to manually print)
  12. Once the document is finished and you are happy with the proof, then the next stage would be to design a brilliant cover page. This can be be outsourced if you wish.
  13. Once complete, convert the book into a digital version
  14. The next stage is preparing the ebook ready to be sold and Using Amazon as the digital platform would be a brilliant start.  We will discuss utilizing the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Facility owned by Amazon.
  15. To get started with publishing your first book on Amazon Kindle, you need to open a KDP account. You can do so by using this link (not affiliate link):
  16. Once you open your new KDP account, follow the instructions and add your eBook to the Bookshelf (Click on ‘add new title' and enter the details of your book),
  17. Add your images and eBook cover – Be sure to save your images as either a JPEG or TIFF format.
  18. The next step is to upload your fully edited eBook and confirm your price and royalty options.
  19. Be sure NOT to over price the book.
  20. If anything make sure you under-promise and over deliver in terms of the value of the book.
  21. Some marketers even consider allowing their book to accessed for free (based on all the content, lead generation and affiliate links they have inside the book which at the very least would encourage lead generation and possible sales as well – although, if you are just starting out, this is a more advanced strategy.
  22. Other ways to monetize your efforts with the eBook is sell it using a blog/ website
  23. Alternatives to Amazon where you can generate a passive online income is ClickBank and Payhip.

The eBook industry is HUGE and very lucrative.

Always remember that the focus is to help solve other people's problems (which you happen to be an expert in or have a good level of knowledge of).

Once People see this in your content, they will not only be happy to pay, but will refer your content also. This is the power of owning your own digital shop front (Your own website)


Ways to Make Money Online, make money online, dominate online solutions, richard ansah

If it so happens that you are a crafter by profession then there is no doubt that you have heard of this platform before.

It is a home to more than 800 thousand shops that are managed by sellers who specialize in making all manner of things such as home-made soaps, jewellery, music, clothing and so much more.

Here there is every category of handmade items that you can imagine, you can fit just about anything on ETSY.

It is an excellent place for the crafters to connect with individuals that are interested in purchasing their goods. It is very possible to make money on this platform provided that you have the crafts to sell.

There are many shops that are operating here and they cannot be doing so if there is no money to be earned.

At the moment it is not very possible to have concrete data as to how much each of these shops is making given that the owners are not very forthcoming with the information.

However it is possible to estimate using average sales and average price in any given shop.

Each and every shop is going to have a slight variation in their overall margins but there are some success stories such as a shop called Three Birds Nest that supposedly makes over $70,000 in sales in any given month. This is quite impressive.

However, there are a few things that you should consider before delving into this particular business.

First and foremost, is that it will not be an instant success. The business will take some time to grow and you will probably need to work on it for quite some time, which is true for almost every business but this is just so that you can manage you expectations.

Therefore, if you are looking for a quick fix then this is probably not your cup of tea for the moment.

Secondly, as much as your business is online the product is still a physical item that you built so you might need to factor in something like storage costs.

Being a craftsman you are probably aware that handmade crafts are very demanding in terms of care.

Thirdly, you might also want to consider packaging and shipping as these are necessary items of the trade and will cost you a pretty penny not to mention time. In the beginning, most start-ups have claimed that this particular item is a serious bottleneck for their business and it takes some time to sort it out.

You need to properly plan for this to avoid diminished growth.

Also there is need to factor in factory overheads. In the event that you enjoy the process of making things then this should not bother you all too much.

However, if you only have a liking for handmade things (simply seeing them, buying them and selling them) then spending hours slaving over an item shall not be all that appealing to you.

But that is not to say that you cannot delve into the crafts market without knowing anything and not make money; it is possible to make a killing.

It is important to note that there is a significant difference between making a number of cool items and selling them to happy customers for some little pocket money and making a full me business that ships hundreds probably thousands of handmade items every single month.



Alternative ways to make money online, dominate online solutions, richard ansah

You have probably or purchased a few items off craigslist. If you have been wondering how you can make money off this platform then you are in the right place.

Craigslist is a rather popular option when it comes to buying and selling items online. However, there are more popular options such as eBay and Amazon.

The only difference with Craigslist is that the platforms charges you nothing.

While eBay would increase its fees that tend to eat into your profits, Craigslist will not charge you a dime. It is also a very convenient platform to use as it allows you to search for the items that you need by city.

After you find your item you can contact the owner via email or call to view the item.

In the UK, there is a similar site called Gum Tree which sales of physical items can be made in the same manor.

Have knowledge of the product you want to buy.

This is often a rule of thumb when it comes to purchasing anything online; prior to hitting the buy button then you must do your due diligence in terms of research.

Craigslist is not an exception. Always research on the prices and the quality and also the customer feedback.

This sounds obvious but it is often the key component of any successful Craigslist deal.

Craigslist can be defined as a market that is very inefficient.

A number of the people on this platform tend to be oblivious of the fair market value of items of the stuff they sell. Some would over price a used item by $200.

There are also those that will pay the full price of a new item for a used item.

Negotiate Ruthlessly

Success stories on Craigslist attest that there is no fixed price on this platform.

Therefore, for you to have any success here then you need to have excellent negotiating skills.

One should not be afraid of rejection because the other party will not accept the offer. The beauty is that there other sellers in the same market that are willing to sell the same product.

However, having cash ready to buy is a significant advantage because ultimately cash is irresistible. Also learn to be patient because the right deal is never easy to come by.

Okay so now that is all about Craigslist. So how do you make money once you purchase the items? Well there are a number of options.

Restore and Sell

Here, you would look for items that are old and probably need some little work.

It is often the case that damaged stuff or old and dirty stuff will be discounted and these are the items that you should be focusing on.

Make use of your skills and fix them up a little bit so that they look new and sell them for a higher price.


This is where you buy items that are in great working condition, then you turn them around and sell them for a higher cost.

This is a fairly easy task and can be done by almost anybody.

However, it would be advisable to stick to the item that you are good at. For instance, if you are good at flipping cars then by all means stick to that.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

alternative ways to make money online, dominate online solutions,richard ansah

If you are interested in making money online then this platform by Amazon is probably what you need to be looking at right now.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a reputable site that will earn you legit cash provided that you follow the guidelines.

If you have ever come across the term crowdsourcing, and in the event that you have not, then Amazon Mechanical Turk is the best place to get a taste of it.

This program works something like Elance where you need to input your skills and information.

From there you can go ahead to scavenge for menial tasks that would encompass sifting out inappropriate web content to doing fundamental data entry work to even transcribing audio recordings.

Like any other job the same rules apply here; the more time you spend doing it the better your skills become and the more your quality improves.

Ultimately this will increase the overall chance that you have of making money. It is worth noting that the pay outs from this platform are often very small and the payment is often in Amazon credits.

Nevertheless, Mturk is an excellent place where you stand to make good or decent money as you sit on the couch. There are a number of advantages of this site as well.

To begin with, setting up an account with Amazon Mechanical Turk is very easy; it is just a matter of finding the site and signing up.

There is a 48 hour window where you details will need to be verified but shortly after that you will start making your money.

Secondly, you can literally work from anywhere.

Provided that you have a computer with access to a good internet connection then there is no reason why you cannot make money on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

This platform also has very amazing flexibility in the sense that it does not stress you to maintain a specific level of earning so that your account may be kept open. Additionally, you can open and close an account as you see fit.


make money online by blogging, dominate online solutions, richard ansah

Interests in blogs and blogging have increased rapidly and dramatically in recent years.

Money can be made with a variety of ways; however, a brilliant way to making money online is with blogging and it is very lucrative.

Once you learn ways to blog, you can make a living from it and express your ideas to the world. Blogging can be useful if you want to supplement your income with extra money or if you want to support a lifestyle for yourself; if you are ready to put in the effort, blogging can benefit you greatly.

So, if you're going to become a blogger, do not be discouraged, in this section, I will give an overview of how to get started and how you can use your blog to make money online – in any almost niche or topic of interest.

Blogging is arguably one of the most popular trends nowadays.

There is literally a blog about anything and everything.

More importantly, as I have already mentioned, it is very possible to earn a decent living through blogging.

There are a number of success stories that claim that for them blogging started out as just a hobby which then grew into a part time gig and at some point it grew into a full time job and eventually became a job that is capable of employing other people.

This can as well be your success story.

One of the things that you need to know before diving into blogging is that there is no precise way of blogging.

A blog can literally be about anything provided you have an interest in it and more importantly, it generates enough traffic.

There may be a number of people that would claim that there is a specific formula for success in blogging. However, the actual truth is that each and every blog is unique and has their own unique success story.

Therefore you need to forge your own path in as far as blogging is concerned.

However, in order to make money off blogging you have to monetize your blog in one way or another.

The traffic that you generate should not be in vain, it should count towards something monetary. Here is where partnerships with Google come in handy.

You could as well opt to be blogging specifically for a given client on a particular product and the client pays you.

Ultimately, there has to be a monetary aim to the blog for it to be profitable to you.

Monetizing can be done in the form of, paid ads, Google Ads, Amazon ads which we have discussed in detail. Most Bloggers these days have their own products about blogging or the service they provide.

If Blogging interests you check out the for a thorough program on how to get started.

First thing's first – Setting Up Your Blog

  1. Your first priority is to find a blogging platform.
  2. I highly recommend where you have to use a paid hosting solution. That's my personal preference but there are a whole plethora of platforms available such as Wix,, Squarespace, and others. I
  3. just believe if you are going to make the effort to produce and write lots of content, you may as well have full control over the platform you will be using to host that content.
  4. Most of these 3rd party companies, own your content! If they were to close their doors, you may be at risk of loosing all your content.
  5. I am sure you would hate to know that you lost control of any income stream you owned or had control over?
  6. Whatever blogging platform you use to start making money online, make sure it's capable of creating a design for the blog as well as being able to customize and develop your blog to your own liking.

Very Important! Create valuable, actionable content in your posts.

  1. You cannot become a blogger unless you create good content for your readers. So it's important to define your goals and aims
  2. Make sure you define your goals and aims for your blog – The targets you want to achieve with the power of your writing i.e. generating leads, selling products (whose products) what Market/ Niche are you targeting
  3. The best way to take control of your new project and ultimately align yourself to start producing some form of online income is to really focus on who you want to serve?
  4. What niche will you be targeting. Do some market research. A target audience can help you know exactly what you want to write about.
  5. Ask yourself:
  6. Where does your target audience hang out online?
  7. What sort of content/ information would they enjoy most
  8. Ideally, it's a great idea to create a content calendar, it will help you keep your content relevant and allow you to publish consistently and on time.

How to Actually Make Money Online Using Your Blog

  1. You can generate revenue by placing ads on your blog, very similar to utilizing Google AdSense as in example #1 above.
  2. There's also the use of CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising – these generate money with every click the readers give (Not Google or Facebook ads but set up for you to get paid per click!)
  3. You can include affiliate links in your content – it's important you find a provider/ advertiser who has a product to sell
  4. Writing Ebooks, creating workshops, Music videos, etc. can help earn on your blog.

Creating Videos

At the time of writing this article (September 2020) there has been no sign of video popularity slowing down in any way!

The rapid increase and growth of the internet – especially with the use of smart phones and controversial 5G technology, watching videos online has become much more common.Make Money Online from your videos

People visit video sharing sites to watch videos of their favorite shows etc. to stay connected to what's happening around the world – to say the least in recent times the use of live video has been both life saving and controversial.

There's even been a recent Movie called ‘In the Line of Duty' (Spoiler Alert….) where a disgraced police officer is filmed live by an amateur reporter trying to save the life of a child, which goes completely viral!

A dramatic shift has occurred within the digital world.

The making of online videos offers vast moneymaking opportunities. Your love of producing videos can now help you earn money, especially if your back is to the wall financially or you are in or approaching crisis management mode. check out this video training by a humble and prolific full time YouTuber: Sean Cannell of Think Media

Even more exciting is the introductions of newer social sites such as TickTock and House Party as well as the OG social players such as Facebook and YouTube, where you have plenty of choice as to where you can start hosting your videos.

The focus now is what strategy should be used to start making some moolah online?

I'll begin to break down briefly what can be done:

  • Find your video topic niche- Find out what is it that you want to sell (how you want to serve your market)
  • Explore your strengths and what you can actively share with the world
  • Ask yourself a few questions such as:
    • Are you a fitness trainer?
    • Are you a motivational speaker?
    • Are you a programmer or a graphic designer?
    • Gamer?
    • Make up or nail specialist
    • Hair specialist,if so what type of hair – get detailed, the more focused the better!
    • Car enthusiast
    • Parenting? What age group? What issue?
    • teaching – Home schooling issues? Private School – 11+ etc
  • The above list is NOWHERE near exhaustive! Guaranteed you are an expert and have a passion in something, anything no matter what it is (as long as it's legal obviously)
  • Test the waters, make free video through your blog (if you have one) or your YouTube channel.
  • Do thorough research on sites like YouTube, and Udemy etc. to see if your content is in demand.
  • Plan your content effectively.
  • Decide upon your target audience, what will differentiate your content from your competition i.e. personality, opinions – are you contrarian to the common view or do things unconventionally?
  • Decide on the outcome your subscriber is expected to get from watching your video.
  • Create your video. If you can do it yourself, do it all on your own or hire a video production team to do the job (just use your smart phone if you have nothing else at all – the content is far more important than aesthetics
    • Your aim is to build trust and authority
    • Your audience, if you know what you are talking about, respect humility and you should not despise the days of small beginnings
    • Once your video is ready, you can upload it on famous platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia. You will need to make an account and open up a free channel.

This is the basic gist of how to make money online using videos. Check out this dedicated report to get a much deeper insight of what to do if this online business model resonates with you.

Selling Photos

Making Money Online Selling Photos

Are you a person who is naturally gifted at taking photographs? Do you like to spend your time snapping photos of places, people and moments?

If yes, then you can start thinking on the lines of making money by selling your photos online. Photography is big business these days.

People are always looking out for pieces of art for their homes, images for websites and videos.

Being a freelance photographer, you can utilize many options that can help you sell your photos and earn some passive income.

What's more, if you can utilize the specialist editing software to manipulate your photos, you will probably find even further opportunities to monetize your craft using the internet.

Choose a Stock Photo Site

  1. Find yourself a good and suitable stock photo site. This site will act as your platform for selling your photos all around the world and will license them.
  2. Look for a stock photo site if possible as this will save you from the hassle of having a photo-shoot stage and an expensive photographer.
  3. Some of the famous photo sites include Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Getty Images and Corbis etc.
  4. Register for free (at the time of writing this) with at least one of the photo sites and be prepared to start uploading your work
  5. Surf through the Internet and look at the pay rates for different sites.
  6. Look through the commission rates for each site carefully as they vary for every site.

Define Your Niche and Building Your Audience

  1. It's important to locate and define a good niche.
  2. Using keyword research to find the relevant topics that are in demand based on your niche
  3. You can use Keywords Everywhere to find topics which are in demand and popular. Click on the “Install” button, and you are ready to use it
  4. Link your various social media accounts together. Increase the visibility of your photographs to people and share with friends and family to start building a presence and following

Choosing Your Photos

  1. It's important to work on developing a portfolio which is diverse and can showcase your photos and skills.
  2. Having 4-5 main subjects in your photos/ portfolio will attract only one kind of customer, so aim for a diverse portfolio.
  3. Go through your portfolio and pick generic images such as of flowers and landscapes. Images that have a vintage look also often work well.
  4. Most of the stock sites have resolution rules, size and formatting rules; so, make sure your images adhere to those rules.
  5. Make sure you operate legally – avoid usage of images that have recognizable brands in them.

Alternative Platforms

  1. You can use your smartphone apps to sell self-captured photos.
  2. Download apps such as Clashot, EyeEm, Scopshot etc. to showcase your photographs as an alternative to the main, traditional online sites.
  3. You can sell your photos on tangible items; such as cups, Tshirts, coffee mugs etc. Use websites like Cafepress and Shutterfly to help you.

Tutoring Online

In light of the Global scale pandemic in the form of Covid-19, this particular business model has literally ‘blown up' in 2020 although it has been rather popular in the last couple of years.

Make Money Online Using Online Tutoring

The trend of tutoring online has increased on a significant scale. People get to share their knowledge and teach people a little from what they know. This not only brings money but also a sense of achievement along.

The Basic Requirements

It may be really obvious but…

  1. Firstly, make sure you have a reliable computer, which has essential functions.
  2. Ensure a fast and steady Internet connection.
  3. Buy a good quality headset with a microphone.
  4. Get good quality Webcam and Skype or Zoom software installed on your computer.


  1. Create a Skype or Zoom account ( I really like Gotomeeting also).
  2. From here decide where you will teach. Choose a place away from all disturbances.

The beautiful thing about tutoring online is that there is a plethora or courses, subjects you can teach. Perhaps you are a school teacher or work in a professional capacity and have vital, valuable skills that you can share and teach to others on a one to one or even, one to many basis.

you will need to sort out a few basics…

  1. Choose your subject, such as which what you are going to teach..
  2. Work out your pricing and cancellation policy – vital
  3. Visit sites that offer online tutoring jobs at good pay-rates.
    1. check out: Look at sites like Chegg, Class of 1, Kaplan, etc.
    2. Also
    3. To sign up for Chegg, visit the site at
  4. typically you can earn money ranging from $10 to $40 per hour on average on different online platforms.



Freelancing has increasingly become the choice of people to escape the 9-5 working hour routine.

To be perfectly honest, it's a big deal! A good freelancer are worth their weight in salt and if you market yourself well, could find yourself fully booked out with with a handful of clients or even solely focused on one client who has very large pockets and need your help!Making Money online with Freelaning

Freelancing has become popular within the present generation. Subsequently, it has increased the trend of online job opportunities and literacy rate as well. The freelance revolution is large and growing; if you want to become a part of it keep on reading.

The Basics

  1. Firstly, analyze yourself and explore the skills and talent you have.
  2. Ask yourself various questions, which can help you decide what to do in freelancing itself.
    1. What skills do you have?
    2. What do your friends say you are great at?
  3. Choose your niche, understand the type of services you can and want to offer.
  4. Become specific and sure about the services you offer.
  5. Define what your ideal client looks like.

Getting Started

  1. Find yourself a fantastic site that can connect you to the freelancing world. Sites include:
    1. FreeLancer
    2. Upwork
    3. Guru
    4. iFreelance
    5. ProBlogger
    6. People Per Hour
  2. Regardless of which site you choose, work on updating your profile- this includes your portfolio, introducing your personality and skills.
  3. Research suitable projects that you can confidently work on.

That's the long and short of Freelancing – definitely work hard to capitalize this Business Model.


People make money with online surveys and tend to pull a couple of hundred dollars/ Pounds extra each month. This is the new trend and is increasing as every day passes by. If you are thinking on the lines of making money with surveys, check out what it takes…below

How To Get Started

  1. It's a good idea to set up a separate, dedicated email account for paid survey invitations
  2. Setup a PayPal account
  3. Sign up with different online paid survey companies.
    1. Do your best to take time to sign up with as many survey companies as possible
    2. as a side note be sure to check the privacy policy of all the survey sites for your own safety and satisfaction
  4. Be sure to include platforms such as Toluna to start working on the job
  5. Other survey platforms include:
    1. PineconeResearch
    2. GlobalTestMarket
    3. OpinionOutpost

Voice Overs

Have you ever been told that you have a great, bright and beautiful voice?

Have you ever been notified that you should be on the radio?Make money online by doing voice over work

You may be a born voice actor. It is high time that you use your talent and skill to generate some amounts of money. Let's find out how…

Firstly… Analyze your skillset

  1. Ask yourself if you have what it takes to become a voice-over artist?
  2. Ponder over if you can imitate the different voices around you?
  3. Choose the gig you want to work on.
  4. Carry out research and analyze your interests. See if you want to do voice-overs for cartoons or movies or children's audiobooks.

Getting Setup

  1. Buy or get the proper equipment. Take your work seriously.
  2. Do not get the most expensive items, grab the basics and then upgrade later – Very Important!
  3. Install a voice recording or music editing software on your computer such as Adobe Audition (paid) or Audacity (Free)
  4. Get yourself a good microphone, Mic stand and pop filters. – Don't get too carried away, it's better to let your profits buy your expensive/ got to have it equipment
  5. as much as possible soundproof your room. if it's a large room with high ceilings, consider also using large blankets to absorb some of the echo.

Selling Your Voice Overs (Making Money)

  1. Make sure you create an account on Freelancer and complete your profile adding example voice-overs and bidding for suitable jobs.
  2. Be sure to create an account on Upwork and complete your profile adding example voice-overs and bidding for suitable jobs.
  3. Be certain to create an account on Fiverr and complete your profile adding example voice-overs
  4. Utilize an account on Voices and complete your profile adding example voice-overs and bidding for suitable jobs.
  5. Finally create an account on VoiceBunny and complete your profile adding example voice-overs and bidding for suitable jobs.

The above guide is a surefire way to position yourself to make an additional income as a voice over artist.

Over time and with consistency, you should see your hard work and diligence pay off in terms of the number of clients you can and should secure.



So what exactly is Toluna?

Toluna is an online community, which allows your voice to be heard. When people search for the best online survey platforms, they come across Toluna. Being one of the most famous paid-survey and marketing research companiesUsing Toluna To make Money Online

Toluna has over 800 global employees. If you are thinking on the lines of carrying out surveys on Toluna and getting paid for them then definitely check out below for more details.

How Does It Work?

  1. For every survey you complete, you will be rewarded with points.
  2. Use these points to redeem cash or other useful rewards.
  3. Use PayPal to get your rewarded cash.

Gaming Points:

    1. Exchange your points for quarterly sweepstake, which have substantial money prizes.
    2. Fill out surveys on Toluna on a variety of topics such as Sport and Beauty, Automotive, Internet, Health and Witness etc.
    3. Being a user, review your rewards under the “Your Account” option.
    4. You can cash out money via PayPal in $20 increments.
    5. Usually on a consensus, 3000 points equal to $1.
    6. Redeem your points once you've hit 30000 points. Most surveys offer 4000-6000 points.

Signing Up for Toluna:

    1. Get yourself registered with the site. Visit the website and click on the get started icon – Earn 500 bonus points sign up
    2. Complete your profiles by providing more of your details. This increases chances for qualifying for a survey and gaining more point

As part of making money by conducting surveys online, be sure to check out Toluna!


Swagbucks pretty much defines the phrase, “easy money.”

make Money Online using SwagBucksIt is tough to weed through all the online noise to find actual sites that pay you with money; Swagbucks is one such platform where you can earn from watching videos to carrying out surveys. If you want to join in on the moneymaking from here,let's check out how it can be done below:

Getting Started

  1. Create an account at Swagbucks to start your earning journey by using this link:
  2. once you have completed the online signup, be sure to download the mobile app also

Making Money

  1. You can earn a $5 bonus in the first 60 days of your membership.
  2. you can earn by switching your default search engine to Swagbucks rather than Google or Bing.
  3. Earn 10-20 SB points for every 10-20 searches. After six months of everyday searching, this can equal to £300. – Not bad eh??
  4. Watch videos at home and earn money. Get 3SB per 30-minute video.
  5. Fill out short surveys and earn around 40-100 SB.
  6. Earn bonuses by completing daily goals and tasks.

See how you get on with Swagbucks for making an online income.

Inbox Pounds

Founded in the year 2012, InboxPounds is an online site and platform that pays people in reward for getting done with a plethora of online tasks.

It has the slogan, which says, “The online reward club that pays.” Offering great opportunities to people for earning money; InboxPounds can be your start to something great

To get started with making money with InboxPounds you need to…Make money online using InboxPounds

Become A Member

  1. firstly, create a membership account. Do this just by visiting the site at and do make sure you read the T's & C's carefully!
  2. Be sure to get that £1 signup bonus. The process is reasonably straight forward (just like netflix)

How To Make Money on InboxPounds

  1. on this platform, you get paid for taking surveys and searching the web.
  2. you should expect to make approx £1 per hour (don't knock it, it will soon add up)
  3. You need to give some information on the platform, such as where you shop, how many credit cards you own etc.
  4. I would recommend you operate a separate email address specifically for the InboxPound surveys that you participate in.
  5. You can also make money by participating in games, not just surveys.
  6. To get started with the gaming side of things go to the site’s Game Menu bar and log in to your InboxPounds cash account.
  7. From the games page, click on the WorldWinner games and then click on, “Join the fun” icon.
  8. You will be required to deposit real money into your InboxPounds Cash Games Account (note that this could be perceived as gambling “gaming” so proceed with caution if you are adverse to “gaming”)
  9. For each pound, you spend from your WorldWinner account balance, you could earn cash between 1-4%.
  10. Earn money by referring the site to your friends and family. Earn 10% commission on their earnings.
  11. There's also ways to earn via ‘search'. Type in random words or phrases in the site’s search bar


Due to Fiverr’s popularity and abilities, it is increasingly hard to find people who haven’t heard of it.

There is no surprise to why more and more businesses, online and offline are making use of the services offered by Fiverr.

Do not get discouraged from being a part of the community;make money online using fiverr

How To Get Started With Fiver – The Basics

  1. Start by creating an account by going on to the main page.
  2. Remember! The username cannot be changed once you've activated your account.
  3. Also..Super Important!!! Choose your username wisely as this will be your display name as well.
  4. Fill in the sections of Personal details, linked accounts and account security.

That's that! Now the boring (but super important) part is out of the way let's get to the fun part…

How To Make Money on Fiverr

  1. It's important Spend some time looking at what other people are having success with.
  2. Make sure you check out and investigate the strong trends on the platform and focus a god amount of time doing your research

Some guidance and ideas:

  1. Work on a custom job where the client sends you a specification, and you fulfill them.
    1. Produce fresh materials of any type based on those specifications.
  2. Offer social media services to people.
  3. Make gigs and videos on various favorite topics.
  4. Make videos using software like Video Maker FX, Viddyoze (may need an agency license) or Camtasia.
  5. Get a base rate of $25 per hour just by writing quickly and making sure your buyers come back.
  6. if you have design skills, use your talent/ skill to design business cards, flyers, brochures for companies.
  7. Another suggestion… Create digital drawings with automated-based drawing tools.

To be honest the list is pretty endless when it comes to proving ‘done for you' services on Fiverr. Just make sure that your skills and passions are in demand on the platform already. Competition is your friend and will help you make money quickly as you know the niche or service is in demand already.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone's company, business or other work on your site; and you earn a commission of each sale they make.

How To make Money Online Using Internet MarketingWant to become an affiliate and make money online? Check out the instructions and steps given below:

The Basics

  1. Choose your niche following something you are passionate about which will make it more enjoyable.
  2. The top niches with most available products are Make Money Online, Investments, Weight Loss, Health & Fitness, Self Improvement.


  1. Decide on the type of content you would like to create and how often you will create content.
  2. Upload videos to YouTube and other video sites to support you marketing efforts
    1. Post consistently to build trust
  3. Create blog posts relating to your topic of interest. I can't stress how beneficial it is to be focused and specific with your content so that those who enjoy your reviews will start to build trust and familiarity with you.
  4. Create blog posts relating to your topic of interest, again this will help build buzz around the product(s) you are trying to promote

Earning With Affiliate Marketing

  1. You can monetize your website, social media profile and videos in various ways.
  2. Create your own E-commerce Store and sell digital products.
  3. Find Make Money Online Products on JvZoo, Warrior Plus and ClickBank
  4. Find Affiliate Products in Other Niches on Clickbank and CJ Affiliate.
  5. Place Google Adsense adverts on your site for additional revenue/ passive income

Getting Traffic To Your Affiliate Links/ pages

  1. Share your links on Social Media (use a link cloaker/ tracker such as
  2. Run a Google Adwords Campaign to your site
  3. Run a Facebook Ads Campaign to your site
  4. Ask friends and followers to share your site.
  5. Run online giveaways and contents.

User Testing

Today’s world is a world of online job opportunities, which cover all aspects. There are some sites, which do offer healthy side income to people. One such job opportunity present online is with User Testing. If you want to become a part of making money with User Testing check out some of the tips below.

Firstly! Lets start with the …How To Make Money Online Using User testing


  1. Sign up for User Testing from your computer (Mac or PC), tablet (Android or iPhone), cell phone (Android or iOS).
  2. Visit the homepage of the User Testing site and register –
    1. you need to locate the “get paid to test” button on the site (accurate at the time of writing this article)
  3. You will be required to provide your email address and accept their terms and agreement policy (once you have read it lol)
    1. Verify the registration via your email
  4. There's also a tutorial you can checkout on the site

How to Start Getting Paid for Online Tests

  1. Download the User Testing screen recorder.
  2. Complete their sample video test in order actually to join their site.
  3. Solve the three-question quiz after watching the video (multiple-choice).
  4. You will be given a website to test so that the User Testing team can check your skills.
  5. Earn $10.00 for each test.
  6. A live test can earn you $30.00.
  7. Connect your PayPal account.
  8. Get paid on a weekly basis.

Make sure you take action on this if it resonates with you.

Be sure to do your own research on all of the suggestions above, what I have written here is just to point you in a direction that you may not have been aware of before. Ultimately the final decision of how you proceed with any of these options are down to you.

For more information on yet another way to make money using the internet, check out my ‘getting Started‘ page to learn how to take advantage of building your digital marketing skills


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